Friday, October 2, 2009

What I see is what I see

by Nancy Smeltzer

As a fiber artist, I’m a visual person. That’s my strong suit. That’s what I do, touch with my eyes. So, it’s not surprising that “psychically seeing” is one of my best ways of accessing intuitive information. It’s not the only way, just the easiest for me.

I was not born knowing how to “see” things. I used to read about how others did visualize without their physical eyes, and thought it was cool, but I just knew that you had to be born knowing how to do it. With the work that I’ve been shown with Renaissance of the Heart, and other modalities, I taught myself to be clairvoyant, (and later clairaudient, and clairsentient.) At first, the images had about the clarity of a sonogram, or a weather map of a hurricane in the Caribbean. Just as I imagine is the case with a newborn baby, I learned to interpret this blob of color as meaning this, while a squiggle meant that. Slowly, over the space of about four months, the resolution of my inner pictures began to clear, until one day, I woke up and could see as well behind my closed eyelids as I could when they were open.

Cool, a new toy to play with! I learned how to project my consciousness across the continent and pretty soon, was seeing into the present and past lives of the clients with whom we worked. For me, my psychic sight has become an important diagnostic tool and I depend on it greatly.

However, I know that what I’m being shown are metaphors for what’s really going on. After all, you wouldn’t explain nuclear physics the same way to a kindergartner as you would to a graduate student; so the Divine gives me metaphorical pictures to give me information. Sometimes, those images can be pretty strange; other times, quite straightforward. Since one of my undergrad degrees is in biology, I often realize that I’m standing on a mitochondrion or wandering through the valves of the heart. I’m realizing that all of those lab classes are paying off, as I can often interpret what part of the client’s body I’m being shown. However, especially with past lives, it’s not so much a literal interpretation that’s important, but what’s the bottom line being presented. In other words, what’s the message here? I view my images often as I would a parable, not necessarily as definitive facts. However, sometimes, it’s amazing how accurate my images can be, which I’ll talk about in another posting.

Love to your hearts,

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