Thursday, June 25, 2009

Introduction & Welcome

Welcome to our Blog

Mary, Ceitllyn, and I are excited about the prospect of sharing our insights with you through our Blog Page. We see it as a place where we’ll have an ongoing unfolding of our own spiritual paths as the Divine is continuously showing us new techniques. While we do have some experiences with other healing modalities, we describe ourselves as being enrolled in the School of the Divine. We’re shown what we need to know, at the perfect moment, often hours before a new client comes in that needs that newly found insight we just got maybe two hours before. (Our take is that there are no coincidences in the Universe, and the amazing connections between seemingly unrelated events is often profound and astounding for us.)

In the upcoming pages, you’ll find out more and more about what we’ve already discovered and the vast amount of new aha-s that pour in daily. It’s getting past the premise that as a human you can only take in so much at a time that allows us to freely accept the gifts of insight that flood into us daily. What we don’t “grock” on one day, will come around another, as we find the Divine to be incredibly patient with regard to giving us multiple chances to grab hold of a concept.

One of our major tenets is that we’re meant to be heart centered. While our mind consciousnesses are marvelous administrators with their infinite ability to rationally analyze the constant stream of data, the heart, we feel, is meant to be your body’s policy maker. While the heart’s language is that of emotions, as opposed to the mind’s command of words and thoughts, and your body consciousness that speaks in physical sensations, this language incompatibility often makes for a “dysfunctional family” raging inside of yourself, with each faction having its own agenda. However, we find, that when you surrender to having your heart center run your lives, that great peace and calm sets in so that you can go about your day in a state of Grace and Love.

So, once again, welcome to our blog page. Mary, Ceitllyn, and I will all be contributing our thoughts as we feel called to do so. As you follow along with us, you’ll get a sense of who we each are and the awe and wonder that we feel as the Divine unfolds countless gifts before us. We really love what we’re doing and we invite you to join us as you learn to sing the song of your heart, and awaken to yourself. I think that you’ll find the journey into your own inner landscape to be one of the most exciting you’ll ever make.

Nancy Smeltzer – 24 June, 2009