Friday, July 3, 2009

So, Who’s Really Doing the Healing?

So, Who’s Really Doing the Healing?

Well, that one’s easy…you are…with the help of the Divine. What Mary, Ceitllyn, and I do is act as catalysts to set events is motion. In fact, the work we do would be impossible if we didn’t have your permission on a soul or unconscious level. This unconscious part, which we call the body brain or consciousness, is often running a script that is counter to what we are aware of in our mind or conscious brain. That’s why someone might say, on the mind or conscious level, that they really want to get rid of an issue in their lives, but are never able to manage it, not matter how much time, energy, and money they spend on the effort.
So, then what are Mary, Ceitllyn and I doing that makes our work successful for our clients? For starters, we state the intention(s) that we’d like to see happen, and then turn over the actual outcome to the Divine. Since the Divine has the Big Game Plan, and knows what you really, really want in your heart of hearts, our take is why limit yourselves to anything that our little human minds could contrive. Perhaps there’s something way bigger and better waiting around the corner. So, while what is being asked for is usually what happens for the client, often times there are some amazing surprises for all of us involved in the process.
Having set the healing process in motion, we then each sit back and wait to be shown what to do next. I’ve taught myself to be clairvoyant and clairaudient, so my intuitive information is usually visual or auditory. I interpret what I’ve been given and then execute what I’ve been told. It may involve putting the client into a metaphysical chamber to receive extra energy boosts. I may be called to use my body as a crystal that collects the healing energy coming through me and flashes it out of my heart like a laser to certain parts of the client’s body. Perhaps the client’s heart center, or Sacred Heart, needs opening, as very early on in their lives, they boarded it up to protect themselves from the hurt and anger in their lives. Recently, I’ve been asked to go into a “chamber” inside of me, and just “be”. It’s quite effective, but I’ve had to surrender any need to know what I’m doing. (More to be written about this at a late time.)
The result is that my brain waves are at such a slow rate that I’m not really aware of what I’m actually doing, and often don’t remember much afterwards, except that I could kinesthetically feel waves of energy roll off the person I’m working on as their issue is cleared. It feels to me as if I had been at the beach, out where the ocean waves break, and felt the power of the water roll past me. (That’s why it’s so helpful that Mary is taking notes on the other end of the phone.) Oftentimes, all I know is that at the session’s competition, when we check back in with the client with whatever way we were tracking progress, the numbers just about always drop. It’s very gratifying to “see” an issue that has been bothering a person, sometimes for years, shrink away until finally there’s just calm, peace, and light(ness), like a backpack has been taken off of one’s shoulders. It’s very gratifying to be able to do this work for others and that’s what keeps the three of us constantly searching for more answers.

Nancy Smeltzer - 3 July, 2009

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